HobbyKing L-13 Scale Glider EPO 2300mm (PNF) Blanik-飛行機

HobbyKing Blanik L-13 Scale Glider EPO 2300mm (PNF)

Tough EPO Construction
Plug and Fly - Simply add a Battery and Reciever!
Large Size Ideal for Stable Flying in a Variety of Weather
Two piece wings with robust spar joiner
Can run in electric mode, or pure glider mode
Magnetically secured canopy access hatch
All bolt together construction, no glue required
Scale landing wheel
Highly aerobatic

翼幅: 2300mm
全長: 1210mm
重さ: 1270g
サーボ: 6 x 9g
アンプ: 40A
モーター: 3410 Brushless Outrunner 800kv

6 Channel プロポ
4S 14.8V 2600~3300mAh リポ

*Note: This model also flies well on just a 3S 11.1V 3000mAh pack as well.

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HobbyKing L-13 Scale Glider EPO 2300mm (PNF) Blanik-飛行機


HobbyKing L-13 Scale Glider EPO 2300mm (PNF) Blanik-飛行機

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